When I first started working on ETF Draft I envisioned a platform where someone could "quiet" down all the information that comes in the financial markets and organize your thoughts in order to make better financial decisions.

I chose ARK Funds as the first ETF to follow because after reading ARK Funds research and watching Cathie Wood videos their research made a lot of sense. The more I researched genomics, AI, renewable energy advancements I was so impressed that I wanted to keep up with these advancements. And to be honest profit a little as well.

It's been a tough year for ARK Funds, but over the last few years it's still one of the best managed exchange trade funds available.  

I am happy to say that I'm re-investing in ETF Draft with a new set of tools to accomplish my original goal.  We will continue to have our tools that analyze ARK Funds: ARK Funds Overlap Tool, ARK Funds Performance and ARK Funds Stock Activity and add new personalized tools.

New Dashboard and Tools

New tools planned for launch in November 2021 are:

Notes Tool

Notes tool will have a workspace to track thoughts and intended actions for stocks based on the Cornell Note Taking system.


List of strategies using the ARK Funds as data.


Reminders will be available to email you when an event occurs.

Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter showcasing a company held by the ARK Funds.

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