Welcome to Etf Draft

Insights for retail investors into what professional ETF managers are actually investing. This journey starts with Catherine Wood's ARK Funds.

Welcome to Etf Draft

Hi, welcome to ETF Draft. This is a project to help retail investors get better insight into what professional ETF managers are actually doing.

ETF Draft came about while I was looking for investment ideas. I heard talks and interviews from Catherine Wood from ARK about innovation, genomics and disruption. Captivated, I started looking at the holdings in her funds and looking into the companies. Keeping track of changes in holdings and similarities between the ARK funds in spreadsheets.

Then I figured, what's the point of being a developer if you can't automate this process. I started automating the process for myself and then thought, maybe other people would like this information to help supplement their stock decisions.

We are planning to offer a monthly newsletter (frequency will change) that outlines the changes and insights in fund holdings. Our launch will be March 1, 2021. Sign up today.